Eureka Thyme - An Online Gallery

Winter in Eureka Springs
photo by Randal Thompson

Eureka Thyme, in the form we have known it
since 2004, no longer exists.
We have closed the beautiful chapter which existed
as a store front in Eureka Springs.
While it makes me sad to think I will no longer be able to greet the public and sell the work of our beautiful artists,
 I recognize that life is about change
and I go forward happily looking to see what will come next!

One thing I do know: I want you to be able to purchase the artwork you have come to expect from Eureka Thyme! I will list our major artists here and encourage you to write or call to ask about specific art which you remember. Below there is a slideshow of a sampling of the wonder which was our gallery. The magic still lives within our artists, myself, and you as the patron. Please contact me with any questions you may have.
Marsha Havens
479. 253.8104
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